Unlike Mexico and some other countries in Latin America, Costa Rica is safe.  Petty theft is something you do need to watch for throughout Costa Rica.  Be smart, don't leave items unattended or left out in the open where everyone can see (example, laptops left in the front seat of a car), pay attention and you should have no problems.

Something else you need to look out for are the riptides at the beaches.  Use caution when swimming, check for any warnings and if you don't know how to swim, stick with the pool!

Central Pacific Coast Weather

The temperature throughout the year does not vary too much, plan on 80-90 degrees during the day, with evening temperatures dipping down to 70-75.  The ocean water is always nice and warm.  

Costa Rica Currency

Be sure to check current rates, but typically the exchange is around 500 colones to $1.  Most merchants/restaurants take Debit/Credit cards, and most will accept US Dollars as long as bills are smaller than $20.  ATMs are a good choice for getting local money, but again if you have smaller U.S. Dollar bills, you should be fine.  Whatever you do, do not exchange money at the airport where they will charge 10-15%!  

Is the Water Safe To DRINK?

Tap water in Costa Rica is safe to drink, however many prefer to stick with bottled water.  We suggest a mix, pick up some bottled water for your stay, but don't be afraid to drink the tap water.  

What else Should I know when booking?

stick with certified tour operators.  

Restaurants in Costa Rica include a 10% service charge.  Typically its custom to tip an additional 5-10%.

U.S. products can be expensive in Costa Rica.  If you are on a budget shop locally, and stick with Costa Rican brands.  

Bring an old cell phone, or buy one here and you can get pre-paid cards for as little as $5.  Pre-paid sim cards are available at most grocery stores.

Official taxi's are red, with a yellow triangle on the door.  Stick with official taxi's and avoid the others.

Costa Rica’s electrical system and plug configuration is the same as in the U.S. Any devices you wish to bring should work fine.

When To Visit

It's always a great time to visit Costa Rica, but our most popular months are during our summer, also known as the dry season, which runs from January to April.  During that time it will be rare to see any rain at all. The rest of the year might bring some rain, but outside of October/September the rain shouldn't effect your vacation too much, expect sunshine in the mornings through the early afternoon, and the weather will remain nice and warm!  
*Christmas and Easter week are peak weeks, which are extremely busy.  If you plan to visit Costa Rica that time of year be sure to make reservations well in advance and be prepared for full occupancy and higher rates.  

What to Bring

Don't forget your sunscreen.
Sunblock.  SPF 25 or higher recommended, and use it, we are much closer to the equator so you'll need some protection.  We see it all the time, don't ruin your vacation with a nasty sunburn, USE SUNBLOCK!

Repellent.  Mosquitos aren't usually too bad, but always a good idea.

Some patience.  The laidback and easygoing pace is what you'll love, but remember with that mean's that nobody here is ever in a rush.  So keep that in mind when traveling and just try to relax.  

Liquor.  Okay well don't bring it, but if you are a drinker, buy your liquor at the airport when you are just arriving.  Don't worry about beer, its the same price everywhere,  but the duty free store will definitely save you some money on the hard stuff!

Vacation Pura Vida- Get to know Costa Rica!